As part of the team behind MapDotNet, a formidable ArcGIS competitor, I helped build and maintain the tremendously succesful EasyTerritory SaaS platform before branching off into my own company in 2016.

What is EasyTerritory?

EasyTerritory is a mapping application for territory management and spatial business intelligence which seamlessly synchronizes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What does it do?

Features of EasyTerritory include:

What technology was it built on?

EasyTerritory runs on a Microsoft server stack, including SQL Server, .NET, and WCF. The EasyTerritory client is built on Durandal in TypeScript.

What as my role in the project?

As part of the EasyTerritory team my responsibilities included:


Though there is no public facing version of the application, you can view a short demo video below. At the time of writing, the EasyTerritory team is setting interested customers up with free trial accounts.