Should I Open Source?

A few months back, I was taking notes on potential projects to work on. One project I was interested in doing was an Aurelia wrapper for the incredible gesture library interact.js. I knew I could do it, but I was wrestling with the time commitment involved. Was it worth my time to take responsibility for another open source library?

Looking for wisdom, I decided to reach out to interact.js developer Taye Adeyemi to get his thoughts. He gave me some incredible advice on getting involved with open source, and I wanted to share that advice with the world. Hopefully this advice will help guide any developers trying to understand the value of getting involved in the open source community.


Building and maintaining a library will…

  1. …establish you as a subject expert,
  2. …give you a strong edge when applying to jobs and projects,
  3. …teach you how to successfully handle customer requests,
  4. …make you money, especially if you offer a paid commercial license.

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