Perfect Select All Checkbox in 3 Lines of Aurelia Code

Checkboxes are quick and easy in Aurelia applications. Are you using them correctly?

Best Practices for Dynamic Routes in Aurelia

Learn the best ways to handle complex routes Aurelia that will save time and avoid bugs

The year I started a profitable, six-figure business

Reflecting on what went well, what could have gone better, and what lessons I've learned from building a six-figure business in 2017.

Building the perfect master-detail page in Aurelia

Thanks to the new features in the latest update to the Aurelia router, building a beautiful and functional master-detail page in Aurelia is quick and easy.

The blog

Learn about some of the tools and tricks I used to build my custom blog from the ground up.

Patterns for Computing Values in an Aurelia Template

Is @computedFrom the best way to compute values in an Aurelia view? Let's look at some better, faster, easier, and more robust patterns.

A Professional SPA Loading Page

Have your loading page load your app faster

You might not need a dialog library

Learn how to create a fully featured modal dialog control

TypeScript Enums in Aurelia Templates

Directly use your TypesScript enums in your Aurelia templates

Advanced Table Templating in Aurelia

Make table templates bend to your will.


Territory management made easy.

Getting Started with Aurelia CLI and Boostrap

Get started with Aurelia and Bootstrap in 5 minutes using the Aurelia CLI.

Learning Aurelia by Manuel Guilbault

Harness the power of the next-generation JavaScript Framework, Aurelia, and start creating apps that really set you apart.

Should I Open Source?

Advice on the benefits of open source development from Taye Adeyemi, creator of interact.js.

Optional Route Parameters in Aurelia

Learn how to use parameter-optional routes in Aurelia.

Easily Measuring Engagement with Formspree

How I was able begin tracking my blogs conversion ratio in under 15 minutes.


Toptal asked me to blog about them, here are my thoughts.

Replaceable Parts and CSS Frameworks in Aurelia

Using Aurelia replaceable parts to integrate CSS frameworks into an Aurelia application.

Custom Elements and CSS Frameworks in Aurelia

Using Aurelia custom elements to integrate CSS frameworks into an Aurelia application.

Gamification and the History of the Video Game Industry

What the video game industry has taught us about building profitable and effective games.

Drag-and-drop in Aurelia

Creating a drag-and-drop custom attribute in Aurelia using interact.js

Pokémon Go Tricks: Stay Awake

The best trainers use this one simple trick to hatch eggs faster than everyone else.


A web-based machine learning engine.


An out-of-the-box list filter value converter for Aurelia.

Simple split-screen landing page

OSHAB: Porcine Disease Tracking

Closed-source spatial database and front-end built on Aurelia

Bundling Aurelia Applications

Best practices for getting your Aurelia application optimized for deployment

BCrypt: Hash Passwords Correctly

How to leverage the BCrypt algorithm to enhance your application's security

Sentry, an Aurelia Template

An Aurelia template with a built in authentication shell.

Aurelia Authentication: Sessions.

Best practices for keeping track of logged in users.

Aurelia Authentication: Multiple shells.

Creating a separate login-specific Aurelia root within your Aurelia app.

Using a Gmail alias

Creating and using Gmail aliases for extra functionality

Deploy Aurelia to GitHub Pages

How to quickly deploy your new Aurelia app to GitHub pages.

Using Sass with Aurelia

How to Sass-enable your Aurelia build process.

Aurelia Custom Attributes

Introduction to custom Aurelia-enabled HTML attributes.

Blue Sky, Sweet Rain

Cutting edge interactive 360 video. Source available in GitHub.